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Hampton Seniors

Hampton Seniors was organized in 1992.
The group meets at the Hampton Town hall on the 2nd Wednesday of each month to discuss issues affecting Hampton, watch a movie, plan trips, and create crafts.  They travel to concerts, flower shows, theater productions, and holiday events.  Occasionally, they arrange to have visiting speakers or musicians, and breakfast meetings at Hampton's General Store (located on Main Street).  There is no charge to be a member of this organization. 
If you are interested in joining, contact Chair Mario Fiondella at 860-455-0078. 
Mario would like to thank all of the people who contribute their time and energy to making the Hampton Seniors a great organization. 
Senior Resources
Connecticut Elder Care Services Locator website is a public service website that assists seniors and/or their caregivers in locating specific services. 
McSweeney Senior Center in Willimantic is a great resource for health and dental services for Hampton's seniors.  Contact McSweeney at 860-423-4524. 
Program In Lieu of Mass Transit funded by the State of Connecticut through the Windham Regional Transit District and WINCOG.  This program allows reimbursement of mileage expenses when volunteers assist the disabled and residents age 60 and over with transportation of medical facilities and related services.  Disabled persons should register through the Hampton Assessors Office.  Forms for reimbursement are available through the Tax Collector's Office and should be returned there monthly.  Reimbursement as allowed will be to the Senior or Disabled Person who can then distribute the funds to the volunteer.  A husband driving a wife, or vice versa, or a parent driving a child, and vice versa, is reimbursable.  Please call Harry Baum or Karlene Deal at 860-455-9132 Ext. 3, or Mario Fiondealla at 860-455-0078 if you have questions.   
Another transportation option is the Dial-A-Ride program.  With 2 day advance notice, Dial-A-Ride will take anyone anywhere in the Windham area for $3.00 each way.  If you are unable to drive yourself, and can't find anyone to drive you, give them a call.  If you are age 60 or older, there is no charge.  If you have a Medicare or a Transit Card, cost is half price.  Please call Dial-A-Ride at 860-456-1462 to schedule a ride or should you have any questions about their operating schedule, including what, if any, holidays they are available.
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